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Episode 275

“Always a Two-Way Street” – Building Trust in the Workplace

Noelle Mykolenko is CEO at Trusted Advisor Associates where she is passionate about helping organizations grow through deepening trust relationships and Geoff Snavely is Vice…

Episode 274

“Things Are Changing…Try New Things” – Insights from Work Design’s 2023 Next Work Environment Competition

Jurors Antonia Cardone of Cushman & Wakefield and Carly Klaire of Acrylicize join Publisher Bob Fox for a conversation exploring the insights gained during Work…

Episode 273

“Find A Way” – Creating Holistic Connectedness and Valuable Workplace Experiences in Corporate Real Estate

Linda Foggie, AIA is Managing Director, Global Head of Real Estate Operations at Citi where she is known for her ability to build strong, high-performing…