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Episode 308

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with Erik Zink & Sarah Kilmartin of Eptura

“Things Have Changed” – Workplace Transformation and Enabling Collaboration By Leveraging Technology

Erik Zink is Vice President of Strategy and Sarah Kilmartin is Director of Customer Insight at Eptura where they have a passion for helping customers…

Episode 307

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with Ross Abbate of Macro

“Every Day’s a School Day” – Continuous Learning and Adapting to Change in Facility Management

Ross Abbate is the CEO of Macro, a leading facilities management and workplace services company, where he is passionate about creating a culture of collaboration,…

Episode 306

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with Lena Müller of Unispace

“Be Bold” – Creating Great Experiences for Work using the Five Drivers of a Resilient Workplace

Lena Müller is Head of Workplace Strategy at Unispace in Auckland, New Zealand where she is passionate about people, innovation and diversity. Mike Petrusky asks…