Sarah Sims is Director of Talent & Employee Experience at The Aspen Institute, Michelle E. Dickinson, MM is a Wellbeing Strategist, TEDx Speaker, Author, Mental Health Change Maker, and Founder of Trifecta MH, LLC and Rachel Drunkenmiller is CEO, Speaker, Facilitator + Leadership Trainer at UNMUTED. In September 2021, Mike Petrusky hosted a live broadcast “Employee Wellbeing Roundtable” during which these thought-leaders explored the nuances of employee wellbeing amidst a global pandemic and offered strategies for prioritizing the mental health of your workforce. They discussed the importance of enhancing the employee experience, supporting wellbeing, and building trust, learning what people need to feel safe and supported and key aspects of wellbeing and connection for leaders to focus on during the pandemic. Check out these audio highlights from a fascinating hour-long conversation and then download and watch the full video!

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