Mark Eltringham is an author, commentator, speaker and the publisher of Workplace Insight, the UK’s most widely read publication dedicated to the design and management of workplaces. Mike Petrusky is excited to talk to Mark about British music, which leads to a discussion about bands from the early days of new wave in Liverpool, including Echo & The Bunnymen. The evolution of music serves as a metaphor which leads to a conversation about the history of the workplace where Mark shares his perspective on some of the founding thought leaders in our modern workplace industry. Mike asks about today’s workplace and Mark references a recent report from Chris Hood of AWA, Kate Lister of Global Workplace Analytics and Haworth while also sharing some research provided by Leesman Index. Mike & Mark talk about the blurring of the lines and need for collaboration across departments inside organizations, the relationship between facilities management and workplace as a whole, while also discussing the controversy in the UK about the future of the FM sector. This episode provides many insights on marketplace trends, the evolution of design, and information to help you keep up with the fast-moving workplace of today.

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