Dr. Eunhwa Yang is an assistant professor in the School of Building Construction at Georgia Tech where her scholarly passion lies in the area of sustainable building practices and the relationship between people and the built environment. Mike Petrusky asks Dr. Yang about her research and the insights she has gained regarding workplace leadership, innovation, change management and the human side of adopting new technologies. The talent gap in the FM community has led Dr. Yang to pursue a partnership with the IFMA Atlanta Chapter which allows her to bring experiential learning to the students at GT. Passing along knowledge through personal interaction and the importance of communication and partnerships are the keys to success when proving our value in the workplace. 

While isolation and a lack of human interaction leads to loneliness, Mike and Dr. Yang discuss how workplace leaders have an opportunity to address this problem with thoughtful strategies for the built environment. Dr. Yang also recognizes the role of the IFMA Foundation in her career development and she shares her desire to give back to the next generation in the FM community, while Mike tries to impress us with his knowledge of classical music!

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