Episode 285

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with Rebecca Swanner of HED

“Expect the Unexpected” – Workplace Design and Strategies to Improve Employee Well-being in 2024

Rebecca Swanner is a Workplace Design Leader and Associate Principal at HED where she has a passion for interior design while “Advancing…

Episode 284

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with Derek Newberry of co:collective

“Timeless Lessons” – Anthropology, Workplace Culture and the Power of Generative Organizations

Derek Newberry is Head of Organization and Culture Design at co:collective and co-author of the book “The Culture Puzzle: Harnessing the Forces…

Episode 283

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with Podcast Host Mike Petrusky

“On My Way To Work” – Introducing A New Video Series Available Exclusively On YouTube with Podcast Host Mike Petrusky

Follow this link to watch Mike Petrusky and his guests on the new video series “On My Way To Work”: https://youtu.be/cXYDv-AYY0A More…

Episode 282

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with Leni Rivera of WorkplaceXperience Consulting

“Let’s Enjoy This Moment” – Unifying Workplace Functions to Empower Human Thriving in the Future of Work with Leni Rivera of WorkplaceXperience Consulting

Leni Rivera is an author, industry advocate and owner of WorkplaceXperience Consulting where she is passionate about empowering workplace professionals around the…

Episode 281

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With Ryan Anderson of MillerKnoll

“Making Spaces That Really Work” – How Inclusive Design Leads to Better Workplace Experiences with Ryan Anderson of MillerKnoll

Ryan Anderson is Host of the “Looking Forward” Podcast and Vice President of Global Research & Insights at MillerKnoll where he leads…

Episode 280

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With Katy Redmond, MCR of JLL

“Embrace Technology & Innovation” – Keeping an Open Mind about Workplace and Real Estate Tech Tools with Katy Redmond, MCR of JLL

Katy Redmond, MCR is Co-Lead for IPS Americas & Brokerage Tech Sector Lead at JLL where she is passionate about helping organizations…

Episode 279

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With Kate Lister of Global Workplace Analytics

“Hold On Tight” – The Evolution of Work and Following Up on The Big Debate at IFMA’s World Workplace 2023

Kate Lister is President at Global Workplace Analytics where she is passionate about helping employers develop, deploy, and measure the results of…

Episode 278

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with Yitsy Montano of UKG

“We Have to Give to Receive” – Meeting Business and Employee Needs Through Human Connection

Yitsy Montano is Manager of Workplace Strategy & Programs at UKG where she is passionate about process improvement, innovation, and using technology…

Episode 277

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with Dr. Patrick Simon of McKinsey & Company

“The State of Organizations 2023” – Reinventing the Workplace and the Significant Role of Facility Managers

Dr. Patrick Simon is Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company where he is focused on recent organizational transformations made by companies including…
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Director of Events & Growth Marketing, Eptura
Mike Petrusky is host of the “Workplace Innovator Podcast” and Director of Events and Growth Marketing at Eptura. He joined Eptura in March of 2018 with a mission to energize the company’s live events. He is a dynamic speaker, podcaster, and seasoned marketer who has a passion for sharing Eptura’s unique brand of thought leadership to CRE & FM leaders in the digital workplace.