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Episode 164

with Melissa Fisher, PhD
Melissa Fisher, PhD is a Cultural Anthropologist, Workplace Futures-Thinker, Visiting Scholar at New York University and Consultant with a passion...

Episode 163

with Maud Santamaria of Mace
Maud Santamaria is Workplace Experience Director on the Facilities Management team at Mace in the UK where she is an experienced workplace and FM...

Episode 162

with Chad Smith & Mike Petrusky of iOFFICE
Chad Smith is Vice President of Product Strategy at iOFFICE helping our clients to connect their employees to the workplace through an overall better...

Episode 161

with Sam Caucci of 1Huddle
Sam Caucci is Founder & CEO at 1Huddle which is a workforce training platform getting people ready to work using quick-burst games. Mike Petrusky...

Episode 160

with Mathew Xavier of KGO
Mathew Xavier is Director of Innovation and Change at KGO where he works as a strategic consulting partner managing real estate & organizational...

Episode 159

with Anthony Parzanese of Red Hat
Anthony A. Parzanese is Director of Global Real Estate Portfolio Strategy at Red Hat where he oversees the team responsible for Real Estate Portfolio...

Episode 158

with Peter Baumann of SAP
Peter Baumann is Head of Workplace and Projects in the Global Real Estate & Facilities department at SAP where he facilitates alignment of global...

Episode 157

with Podcast Host Mike Petrusky
Mike Petrusky has interviewed hundreds of leaders in facility management, corporate real estate, workplace research and consulting to discover the...

Episode 156

with Simone Fenton-Jarvis of Ricoh UK
Simone Fenton-Jarvis, BSc, MBA, FIWFM is Workplace Consultancy Director for Ricoh UK where she is passionate about all things Workplace and works...


Director of Events & Growth Marketing, iOFFICE

Mike Petrusky is host of the Workplace Innovator Podcast and Director of Events and Growth Marketing at iOFFICE. He joined iOFFICE in March of 2018 with a mission to energize the company’s live events. He is a dynamic speaker, podcaster, and seasoned marketer who has a passion for sharing iOFFICE’s unique brand of thought leadership to CRE & FM leaders in the digital workplace.