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Episode 227

Introducing Eptura™ – The Epicenter of the Future at Work

with CEO Brandon Holden
Brandon Holden is CEO of Eptura™, the global worktech company that brings together nine software products to provide solutions for people, workplaces…

Episode 226

Aligning Workplace Values Using Human-Centered Design (HCD)

with Cristina Herrera of Cristina Herrera Consulting, LLC
Cristina Herrera is Founder of Cristina Herrera Consulting, LLC in New York City where she is fiercely committed to supporting organizations to…

Episode 225

Compassion, Purpose and Polarization in the Workplace of the Future

with Vik Bangia of Verum Consulting, LLC
Vik Bangia is the CEO of Verum Consulting, LLC in Minneapolis, MN where he is passionate about helping clients prepare for the…

Episode 224

Insights and Data Trends from Work Design Magazine’s 2022 Next Work Environment Competition

with Bob Fox, Jennifer Ingram and Yasmien Fadl
Bob Fox is Chairman & Principal at FOX Architects and Publisher at Work Design Magazine, Jennifer Ingram is Founder & CEO at…

Episode 223

Facility Management Leadership from a Global Perspective

with Christa Dodoo, CFM, CIWFM, FMP, CMQ-OE of the United Nations World Food Programme
Christa Dodoo, CFM, CIWFM, FMP, CMQ-OE is Head of Facilities Management Services at the United Nations World Food Programme where she has…

Episode 222

“Why’d You Have To Make Things So Complicated?” – Confusion and Denial about the Future of Work

with Lorri Rowlandson of BGIS
Lorri Rowlandson is Senior Vice President of Strategy and Innovation for BGIS, a leading global provider of facility management services, where she…

Episode 221

Quantum Leadership – Organizational Success in a Complicated World

with Wayne Whitzell, FMP, SFP, LEED AP, BEP, GBO of DFS Green
Wayne Whitzell, LEED AP, CEST, AIPE, BEP, GBO is President at DFS Green where he is passionate about providing services that utilize…

Episode 220

Corporate Real Estate’s Commitment to Supplier and Workforce Diversity

with Pay Wu, SLCR of MWBE Unite, Inc.
Pay Wu, SLCR is President and Co-Founder at MWBE Unite, Inc. where she is passionate about advancing supplier diversity and workforce diversity…

Episode 219

“Corporatality” Revisited: Workplace Leaders Discuss Delivering a Great Employee Experience Today

with Elicia Young of Intuit & Jeffrey Buck, FMP, SFP, QPCR of Egnyte
Elicia Young is Staff Program Manager, Workplace Services at Intuit, and Jeffrey Buck, FMP, SFP, QPCR is Global Director of Workplace Experience…
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Director of Events & Growth Marketing, iOFFICE
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