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Episode 135

“The Future of Workplace Experience”

with Susan Clarke of Verdantix
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Susan Clarke is Research Director for Smart Buildings at Verdantix where she leads a research agenda focused on software solutions for real estate management including integrated workplace management systems and IoT platforms for buildings. In October 2020, Mike Petrusky hosted a live webinar broadcast called “The Future of Workplace Experience” as Susan discussed findings from a recent Verdantix survey designed to help real estate and facility management leaders as they explore smart building technology strategies, investment plans and priorities over the next 12 months. The survey highlights that COVID-19 is driving firms to reprioritize their facilities management strategies with talent retention and employee safety as new focal areas. In the near-term, firms are planning targeted new investments in remote collaboration, employee health monitoring technology and IoT-enabled space monitoring. Mike and Susan offer practical advice and inspiration for workplace leaders during these challenging times!

Safer workplace solutions

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Download the full Verdantix research report: https://research.verdantix.com/report/global-corporate-survey-2020-smart-building-technology-budgets-priorities-preferences

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