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Episode 4

Workplace Project Management & AEC Insight

with Brittanie Campbell-Turner
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Brittanie Campbell-Turner is a construction enthusiast, blockchain advocate, lean thinker, and the host of “The Constructrr Podcast” where she interviews AEC and workplace industry-leaders about not only trends, but the cultural impact of construction projects.

Mike Petrusky met with Brittanie during IFMA’s Facility Fusion in Chicago and she shared her passion for the construction industry and offered insights gathered from interviewing guests while recording more than 60 episodes of her show. Culture change requires a mindset shift to apply the data and information we have available so that people can learn how best to interact with technology.

Mike and Brittanie share a common philosophy and a desire to focus on human relationships and the importance of transparency in these relationships for the greater good. With an expertise in project management, Brittanie talks about the need for flexibility and a strategic view of collaboration with FM, HR and all other stakeholders during a construction project. Mike asks Brittanie about the origins of her interest in architecture and wonders if Star Wars played a role while they both share some common experiences that have come from being podcasters!

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