Cristina Herrera is Director of Change Management at Ted Moudis Associates in New York City where she leverages her understanding of human beings to deliver workplace strategy and change management services that help make a difference in people’s lives. Mike Petrusky asks Cristina to share her inspirational story about how she came to the U.S. from Australia at a young age with a passion for encouraging others. She recognizes that by first building relationships and trust while understanding the wants and needs of others, we can use that insight to help people achieve success in the workplace. Cris believes that design is as tool that not only supports the overall business goals of a company, but can impact recruitment and retention if our workplaces reflect the values and mission of our organizations. Mike and Cris talk about technology and offer inspirational advice for listeners while they also invite us to join them at “Club Podcast Karaoke” with some 90’s dance music!

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