Episode 254

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with Philip Ross of UnGroup & Cordless Group

“Unworking: The Reinvention of the Modern Office” and Personalizing the Employee Experience

Philip Ross is a speaker, author, futurist, and advisor on the new world of work. He is the founder and CEO of…

Episode 253

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with Brendan Robinson of Under Armour

Revisiting “Defining Your Workplace – A Vision for the Future”

Brendan Robinson is Director of Facilities and Operations for Corporate Real Estate at Under Armour where he is passionate about aligning the…

Episode 252

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with Kelly Mackin of Motives Met

“Work Life Well-Lived” – How to Create Real Wellbeing in Both Life and the Workplace

Kelly Mackin is Co-Founder of Motives Met, the work wellbeing platform empowering people to create their best work life and workplace, and…

Episode 251

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Author Joshua Berry of Econic

“Dare to Be Naive” – Innovation, Adaptability and Intentionality in the Future of Work

Joshua Berry is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Econic, an innovation, transformation, and strategy consulting company and the author of “Dare…

Episode 250

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with Kay Sargent of HOK

“An Equal-Opportunity Offender” – Real Talk about the Purpose of the Office and the Power of Place

Kay Sargent is Senior Principal and Director of WorkPlace at HOK where she is a recognized expert on workplace design and strategy…

Episode 249

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with Jeremy Kopstein of Uber and Carole Hunter & Emily Botello of CBRE

Magnetizing the Workplace During Economic Uncertainty

Jeremy Kopstein is Senior Manager, Global Business Systems Management at Uber, Carole Hunter is Senior Director, Occupancy Management at CBRE and Emily…

Episode 248

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with Mark Eltringham of Insight Publishing

“The Fly” – A Cautionary Tale about Hybrid Working Policies

Mark Eltringham is an author, editor, journalist, speaker and Publisher at Workplace Insight, the UK's most widely read online source of ideas,…

Episode 247

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with Author Erica Keswin

“Mandate Versus Magnetize” and “The Retention Revolution” in the Future of Work

Erica Keswin is an Author, Speaker, Podcast Host and Workplace Strategist who is a trusted guide for companies around the world looking…

Episode 246

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with Melissa Fisher, PhD of the NYU Institute for Public Knowledge

What Anthropology Reveals about Corporate Culture and the Future Workplace

Melissa Fisher, PhD is a Visiting Scholar at New York University’s Institute for Public Knowledge, a Distinguished Principal Research Fellow at the…
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Director of Events & Growth Marketing, Eptura
Mike Petrusky is host of the “Workplace Innovator Podcast” and Director of Events and Growth Marketing at Eptura. He joined Eptura in March of 2018 with a mission to energize the company’s live events. He is a dynamic speaker, podcaster, and seasoned marketer who has a passion for sharing Eptura’s unique brand of thought leadership to CRE & FM leaders in the digital workplace.