Episode 294

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with Author Shane Rodgers

“Worknado” – Reimagining The Way You Work To Live

Shane Rodgers is a Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-based business leader, strategist, marketer and writer with a special interest in how humans work and…

Episode 293

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Larry Morgan, CFM, SFP, FMP of SAP

“Let It Breathe” – Patience, Leadership Lessons and Strategies for Effectiveness in FM

Larry Morgan, CFM, SFP, FMP is Director of Global Facilities Management and Corporate Sustainability Initiatives at SAP where he is a passionate…

Episode 292

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with Podcast Host Mike Petrusky

“We Need Each Other” – Embracing Change in Facility Management and the Workplace

Mike Petrusky recently presented to IFMA’s Legal Industry Council about the latest trends discussed on the podcast while highlighting the workplace innovations…

Episode 291

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with Author Rex Miller

“Genius Spark” – Reignite Your Life, Your Team and Your Workplace

Rex Miller is an author and high-performance guru with decades of coaching experience and a passion for bringing teams together to tackle…

Episode 290

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featuring Global Chair Dean Stanberry, SFP, CFM

“Take The Lead” – A Podcast Crossover with IFMA’s Connected FM

Dean Stanberry, SFP, CFM is the current Chair of IFMA’s Global Board of Directors where he is passionate about representing Facility Management…

Episode 289

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with Elizabeth Redmond of R-Zero

“Building A Better Future” – Sensors, Climate Technology and Sustainability in the Workplace

Elizabeth Redmond is Director of Sales & GM, Sensors at R-Zero where she helps clients understand risk, occupancy, utilization, and how to…

Episode 288

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with Alice Fournier of ISS Americas

“Bring The Change” – How AI in Facility Management Can Help Transform Your Workplace

Alice Fournier is Chief Information Officer at ISS Americas where she executes the technology roadmap for the retail business, workplace technology and…

Episode 287

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with Anthony Parzanese of Dow Jones

“Be Bold & Curious” – Evolving Workplace Experiences and Real Estate Strategies for 2024

Anthony Parzanese is Senior Vice President and Global Head of Real Estate & Workplace Evolution at Dow Jones where he is passionate…

Episode 286

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with Vik Bangia, MCR of Verum Consulting

“Go Above and Beyond” – Balancing the Work-Life Equation in 2024

Vik Bangia, MCR is CEO of Verum Consulting where he is a Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Management Outsourcing Advisor and advocate…
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Director of Events & Growth Marketing, Eptura
Mike Petrusky is host of the “Workplace Innovator Podcast” and Director of Events and Growth Marketing at Eptura. He joined Eptura in March of 2018 with a mission to energize the company’s live events. He is a dynamic speaker, podcaster, and seasoned marketer who has a passion for sharing Eptura’s unique brand of thought leadership to CRE & FM leaders in the digital workplace.