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Episode 131

“The Insider’s Guide to Culture Change” and Preparing for the Next Normal

with Culture Transformer & Author Siobhán McHale
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Siobhán McHale is the Executive General Manager of People, Culture & Change at DuluxGroup and is known as an “insider” who has been the executive in charge of change for a series of international firms.  Her work was used as a case study by Professor John Kotter at Harvard Business School, to teach MBA students about how to manage change. Mike Petrusky asks Siobhán about her book “The Insider’s Guide to Culture Change” which has been described, by culture pioneer Carolyn Taylor, as “the most ground-breaking thinking on how to change workplace culture that I’ve seen in many years”. Mike and Siobhán find an instant connection through their mutual admiration for the music of “the greatest band of all time” which leads to an inspirational U2 version of “podcast karaoke”!

Safer workplace solutions

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