Leigh Stringer is Global Director of Advisory Services at Perkins&Will, Jomal McNeal is VP of Customer Solutions and Stephen Smith is VP of People Analytics at REWORC where they are passionate about aligning people, place and process for the ultimate workplace experience. Mike Petrusky hosts a conversation about how understanding human behavior and social sciences can inform space management strategies and how psychological safety can foster a culture of inclusion. The panel explores how data should inform, not drive, business decisions and how FM and CRE touch every part of a business. We must focus on collaboration and community building in the workplace and data is a critical tool for understanding and improving workplace behavior. The industry needs better metrics that speak to people analytics and business intelligence if we hope to move beyond efficiency to become a business driver in the future of work. Listen to these highlights and then watch the full hour broadcast to gain further insight and get the inspiration you need to be a Workplace Innovator in your organization!

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