Kelly Mackin is Co-Founder of Motives Met, the work wellbeing platform empowering people to create their best work life and workplace, and the author of the upcoming book, “Work Life, Well Lived”. Mike Petrusky asks Kelly about the challenges facing workplace leaders as they navigate the tension between meeting the needs of individuals, teams and the broader culture in our organizations today. The future workplace will require an emphasis on the wellbeing of the workforce and an understanding of the motives that drive each of us, so Kelly shares research and insights using THE MOTIVES CIRCUMPLEX™, a framework that offers insight into the 28 human needs driving wellbeing at work. Kelly believes that when you put motives at the heart of your team or organization, you create a culture where everyone is empowered, take’s responsibility, and is a change agent for a better collective workplace. Check out this conversation to learn more about how you can be a workplace innovator in your organization!

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