Bex Moorhouse is Founder and Director of Invigorate Spaces Ltd., a wellbeing consultancy that breathes life into the corporate world through careful curation of workplace culture, environment, and experiences. Mike Petrusky asks Bex about her passion for delivering the spaces and strategies that help workplace leaders to enhance wellbeing and deliver a better work-life balance for employees. They explore how facility management and corporate real estate leaders play a critical role in creating the canvas for a conducive work environment while being uniquely equipped to lead in the change management necessary today. Bex believes that emotional intelligence is essential in creating psychologically safe places where employees can speak openly and be accepted as we also design our workplaces for a diverse user base. Everyone in an organization is responsible for promoting wellbeing, so Mike and Bex offer practical advice and the inspiration needed to help you to be a Workplace Innovator in 2024!

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