Shane Rodgers is a Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-based business leader, strategist, marketer and writer with a special interest in how humans work and the future of the workplace. Mike Petrusky asks Shane about the insights and inspiration found in his book, “Worknado: Reimagining the way you work to live” and they discuss how workplace leaders can apply these strategies in their organizations. They explore how workplaces must be designed to fit individuals and their needs, rather than expecting individuals to fit an existing workplace. Shane believes that change management is now just part of management due to the rapid pace of technological advancement, and he encourages us to constantly adapt to the new ways of working. He sees the promise of A.I. through an optimistic lens, recognizing that it can be used to process vast amounts of information quickly and efficiently, helping us to make better decisions in the built environment. Mike and Shane agree that we are moving to an era where humans will be freed up to do different things and we must prioritize relationships as we seek to be a Workplace Innovator in our organizations!

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